Creating a Quote with Seervision

This guide will walk you through the process for creating a quote with Seervision's hardware and software solutions.

We can categorize our products into four sections:

  1. Software
  2. Hardware
  3. Support Packages
  4. Accessories



Under software, Seervision offers two options:

  • The subscription is paid on a yearly basis and includes monthly software updates and customer support. It has to be renewed every year for the system to keep working.
  • The multi-year license is paid for upfront and is valid for several years. Additional updates and/or support can be purchased separately.



Seervision Server

The Seervision Suite requires the use of one or multiple dedicated computer units (servers).

Seervision offers two kinds of computer units:

  • Seervision Server SVs1-2U: Can automate only 1 camera per server.
  • Seervision Server SVs4-2U: Can currently automate up to 2 cameras per computer unit.

NOTE: Assembling your own computer unit is possible as long as it strictly meets our required specifications. Seervision can then provide the Software to install on each computer unit remotely.


Pauli Robotic Head

The Pauli Robotic Head is designed by Seervision and manufactured by Zanus.

Customers wishing to automate a broadcast camera and do not already own a robotic head may choose to use the Pauli, designed to complement the Seervision Suite.

To view Pauli’s specifications, click here.


Support Packages

With each subscription, monthly software updates and continuous standard customer support are included.

Standard support includes:

    • Onboarding by Seervision, in which we help the customer set up the system and connect it for the first time, as well as a one-hour training for the relevant people that covers all the features.
    • Periodic meetings throughout the year to discuss any product feedback or requests for support. The rhythm can be decided by the customer, but is at most once per two weeks, unless the Seervision Support representative agrees otherwise. This holds for the first contractual year.
    • Access to Seervision’s online self-help documentation, including but not limited to the documentation of APIs, setup guides, and the manual.
    • Email-based support in English on business days from 09:00 – 17:00 Zürich time (CET, UTC 01:00).

For those customers interested in more frequent and/or more responsive support, Seervision also offers a premium support package.


Premium Support includes:

    • Ticket turnaround time is a maximum 4 hours, and support hours are extended to 8-20 CET Mo/Fri except holidays. The 4 hours are starting from the moment Seervision acknowledges the issue.
    • Customer gets standing access to a Seervision support engineer via phone or chat (during office hours) on a best-effort basis.
    • Customer gets access to a Seervision support engineer outside of office hours based on request and availability (request at least two weeks prior), up to a maximum of once per quarter.



Lastly, we also offer various accessories and components that are complementary to the Seervision Suite.

Most frequently needed accessories:

  • Lens Motor Package
    • If the digital lens protocol of the lens used with your Pauli Robotic Head isn’t supported by Seervision, external lens motors from PDMovie will be needed.
  • 4K Capable Server Upgrade
    • If 4k streaming is to be used with the Seervision Suite, the graphics card and capture card of the Seervision Server will have to be upgraded.


Other Discounts

Seervision can offer discounts upon request of the partner should the opportunity REALLY necessitate it.

Typical discounts may include:

  1. Bulk discounts for volume purchases
  2. EOY or EOQ discounts
  3. Reference discount, should the customer be willing to be used for case study materials or other marketing purposes


Creating a Quote

Example 1:

The customer wants to automate 5 PTZ cameras with the Seervision Suite. The customer prefers to buy a subscription instead of a multi-year license.

A quote would consist of the following items:

Item Quantity
SV Suite Subscription 5x
Seervision Server (SVs4-2U) 2x
Seervision Server (SVs1-2U) 1x


Example 2:

The customer wants to automate 4 PTZ Cameras with the Seervision Suite. The customer prefers to buy a three-year license instead of a subscription, and they also want premium support.

A quote would consist of the following items:

Item Quantity
SV Suite 3-Year License 4x
Seervision Server (SVs4-2U) 2x
Premium Support Package 1x

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