Bitfocus Companion Quickstart

A brief explanation on connecting the Seervision Suite to Bitfocus' Companion

Bitfocus’ Companion is an Open Source software that is finding its way into more and more studio environments and production workflows. Its main value lies in connecting more than 200+ distinct pieces of presentation switchers, broadcasting software and more. At Seervision, we use it in conjunction with the Elgato Stream Deck to make VMix overlays, PTZ presets and more available with the tap of a button.

Getting set up

  1. Launch Companion and navigate to the Connections tab.
  2. Add a new connection, and search for Seervision Suite. If you can’t find this connection, double-check to make sure you are using Companion V2.2 or later.
  3. In the newly created connection, add the IP of the Seervision server (the same IP you would also use to access the User Interface). If you like, give it a name that is easy to recognise, such as Seervision Server 1.
  4. Hit Save and that should be it, Companion and the Seervision Suite should now be connected!

What's next?

Through Companion, you are now able to recall containers, start or stop tracking and quite a bit more. To find out all the options that are available, either experiment in Companion, or better, just read our manual which has all the details!