PTZ Quickstart (Canon PTZs)

How to connect everything between a Seervision Server and Canon's PTZs.

This page guides the user through the setup of a new Seervision Server to control a Canon PTZ. If you have a robotic head, see Quickstart for Robotic Heads instead.

You will need to have our web interface open and ready to go – if you’re not certain how to get to it, read our manual’s Getting Started chapter first.

There’s no mention of power cables on these pages, we’re going to assume that you already know how to connect those.

Configuring the Canon PTZ

For successful communication between the Seervision server and the Canon PTZ, the relevant ports need to be configured through the following steps:

  1. Open up the Admin interface of the Canon PTZ by accessing its IP in your web browser
  2. Make sure the firmware of the device is v1.2.0 or later
  3. Navigate to System > Communication > External Connection (IP) > Response Port Number, and set its value to Source Port Number
  4. Next, scroll down to the section Output Tracking Data
    1. Make sure it is set to Enable
    2. Set the Client IP Address to the IP of the Seervision server
    3. Set the port to 40000 or, if you intend to control the PTZ with the second instance on your Seervision server, set the port to 40001.
    4. Leave all other settings here to default.

All done!

You can now continue with the configuration of this PTZ as if it were a standard VISCA PTZ by following our guide for VISCA PTZs.