Seervision Production API

Control the Seervision Suite via your own custom integration

Seervision has two APIs surrounding its workflow. This page is dedicated to the Production API, meant for controlling everything that happens in the Seervision Suite (toggling tracking, lens control, creating containers etc).

If you are looking to control the Seervision Pauli Robotic Head directly over API (without a Seervision Server involved), you will want to look at the Seervision Robotic API page.

We often get the question whether it is possible to control our system via some sort of API, often to integrate with some panel, sometimes for custom panels that are built in-house by our users. The answer’s of course yes, that’s entirely possible, using the Seervision Production API.

Our API is essentially a WebSocket endpoint that consumes JSON. You can find all the documentation for interacting with the Seervision Production API over at including examples in JavaScript and Python.

Of course, we’re looking to expand that API and add in features that our users need – if something’s missing for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll see if we can squeeze it in!