Robotic Head Quickstart

How to connect everything between a Seervision Server and a supported robotic head

This page will guide you through the setup of your robotic head.

There’s no mention of power cables on these pages, we’re going to assume that you already know how to connect those.

What you’ll need:

Getting set up:

  1. Power up and connect the robotic head to your LAN
  2. Power up and connect the Seervision server to your LAN

If you’ve got a robotic head that serves a configuration interface via the LAN, you should at this point be able to access it. That’s a good way to verify that you’ve connected everything correctly,

If you’re unclear on the network situation at this point, or how to communicate with the head, don’t worry, we’ll get to that on the Seervision Server Setup once you’re done with this Quickstart.

Lens Control for Robotic Heads

On robotic heads, lens control is usually handled by the robotic head itself. We just send zoom/focus/iris commands to the robotic head, which will then take care of translating and communicating with the lens itself.

There’s sometimes exceptions, but we list those on the page of the respective robotic heads in this knowledge base (here are quick links for the Seervision Pauli and Ross heads).

All done!

With this, your robotic head setup should be complete! The next thing you’ll want to do is hook up the SDI feed to the Seervision server, we go into more depth on that here: SDI and Seervision. If you’ve already handled that, then just directly go to the Seervision Server Setup page.